Africa: Cabo Verde Airlines to fly 2x to Luanda

Cape Verde, Africa

Cabo Verde Airlines starts flying to Luanda on December 9 with two scheduled flights per week, said the deputy Premier and minister of Finance of Cabo Verde, Olavo Correia, stating that the company will connect other destinations from Luanda.

Olavo Correia announced this Thursday in Luanda while speaking on theme “Transfer of competences to municipalities and management of transition”.

The minister did not specify the type of flight to operate, but stressed that the intention is to ease the migratory flow in the two sides.

He added that the measure also aims to facilitate cultural exchanges between Cabo Verdeans and Angolans, as well as to strengthen relations between the two peoples.

Angola and Cabo Verde signed an aviation agreement in April this year.

With this new route, which will connect Cabo Verde and Angola, Cabo Verde Airlines wants to strengthen its presence in the African market. This is part of the company’s strategy to make Sal an Atlantic hub.

The first flight from Cabo Verde’s capital is scheduled to departure at 10:35 pm with arrival in Luanda set for 6 am, on December 10th.

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