Hong Kong:Riot police storm airport, fire pepper spray at protesters

Hong Kong protestors

Riot police clashed with pro-democracy protesters at Hong Kong’s airport late Tuesday night, moving into the terminal where the demonstrators had shut down operations at the busy transport hub for two straight days.

Officers armed with pepper spray and swinging batons confronted the protesters who used luggage carts to barricade entrances to the airport terminal, as legal experts say Chinese President Xi Jinping might be paving the way to use anti-terrorism laws to try to crush the demonstrations.

Amid chaotic scenes police took several people into a police van waiting at the entrance to the airport’s arrivals hall and furious protesters at the airport tied up a man with cable ties and beat him after they accused of being an undercover agent.

The man was wearing a press vest but protesters found a mainland Chinese ID card in his belongings.  The tense situation was eventually resolved when ambulance crews arrived to take the stricken individual away.

China’s state media, who described the protesters as ‘mobsters’ said the country has been assembling the People’s Armed Police and conducting exercises in the neighboring Chinese city of Shenzhen this week, adding to fears Beijing might directly intervene. (Dailymail.co.uk)

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