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New domestic airline operator nears full certification

New domestic airline operator nears full certification | A new domestic airline is expected to complete its certification process with the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), the aviation sector regulator in Ghana, as it targets end-year launch.

AviationGhana sources say, that inspectors from the GCAA will be visiting BAA Training Lithuania, the designated training school for GH-Wings, for the Air Training Organisation (ATO) inspection this month. The Air Maintenance Organisation (AMO) inspection will also be conducted next month.

To operate a fully-fledged airline in Ghana, both an Air Carrier License (ACL) and an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) are required.


GH-Wings already has an ACL and the ATO and AMO inspections are crucial last-mile stages for the granting of an Air Operator Certificate (AOC).

There are currently two airlines, Africa World Airlines and PassionAir, offering scheduled domestic flights from Accra to major regional capitals in Ghana.

The surge in demand post-COVID-19 restrictions has been met with a hike in airfares on these domestic routes. For instance, a return ticket from Accra to Kumasi costs about GHC 1,400. Fares on domestic destinations have remained largely elevated.

The significant increase in airfares has been driven mainly by demand, the high cost of jet fuel, and operational cost

About GH-Wings

GH-Wings intends to be a preferred airline carrier in Ghana by collaborating with major players in the industry to offer seamless travel experiences for clients. “GH-Wings will grow profitability for its shareholders with smart partnerships and pioneer new destinations through its extensive network,” the company notes on its website.

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