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German Law Firm Stenger Rechtsanwälte Joins BARIG

German Law Firm Stenger Rechtsanwälte Joins BARIG | German law firm, Stenger Rechtsanwälte, which is located in Hamburg and Berlin, has joined the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG).

The law firm is expected to provide legal expertise to members of the BARIG as they navigate issues regarding the recruitment of foreign skilled workers, passenger rights and the General Data Protection Regulation.


As a specialist in aviation law, Stenger Rechtsanwälte focuses, inter alia, on legal disputes concerning the rights of air passengers and assists in the settlement of conflicts with arbitration boards or the Federal Aviation Authority. Furthermore, the team of Stenger Rechtsanwälte offers legal advice on the establishment of German subsidiaries by foreign airlines, on issues relating to employment and real estate law as well as consulting services in the field of cyber security.

Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director, noted that: “Through the business partnership with Stenger Rechtsanwälte, we gain further legal expertise. This can help our members to better navigate within an increasingly complex legal environment, while remaining focused on their core business.”

Jana-Natascha Garisch, Managing Partner at Stenger Rechtsanwälte, emphasized the advantages as BARIG business partner: “Thanks to our extensive experience in court and consultancy work, we are always well informed about important issues and future challenges in aviation law. We are looking forward to initiating new discussions through the mutual exchange of knowledge within the BARIG community.”

By constantly expanding its business partner network, BARIG provides for its members a wide range of professional expertise and services, which contributes to strengthening air traffic not just on a national but also on a global scale| German Law Firm Stenger Rechtsanwälte Joins BARIG